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M&D Digital are a multimedia digital publishing company.

Our Founders

M&D was founded in 2020. Our founders saw a gap in the market for insightful, well-researched content produced by a team of proven experts in the industries they’re creating content for.

Jack Mitchell

Co-founder Jack Mitchell started out in digital marketing, with a focus on content and social media marketing. As a result of his lifelong passion for technology, he moved onto telecommunications and IT firm Optionbox, collaborating with the directors to bring their marketing in-house and immersing himself in the services and products the business offers. He is currently Operations Manager at Optionbox in addition to his contributions to M&D’s portfolio of projects.

Michael Fontana

Co-founder Michael Fontana has over 15 years’ experience in the telecoms industry. Over a decade ago, he — along with Darren Shepherd — co-founded telecommunications and IT firm Optionbox. In recent years, Michael discovered a strong passion for all elements of digital publishing and spearheaded the creation of M&D Digital. As well as leading Optionbox and sister company Optionbox Networks, Michael contributes to our entire portfolio of projects.

Darren Shepherd

Co-founder Darren Shepherd is a well-regarded business leader, having held several senior positions at businesses across a variety of industries. Of particular note is his position as co-founder of telecommunications and IT firm Optionbox, which he founded with business partner Michael Fontana over a decade ago. As well as his continued directorship of Optionbox and sister company Optionbox Networks, Darren helps drive M&D Digital forward.

What sets us apart

Talented staff

Across our portfolio of projects, we have team packed full of experienced and highly-trained individuals.


Every single contributor to our portfolio has experience in the industry the project covers.

Help without the jargon

Our content is extremely user-friendly, no matter the user’s level of expertise.


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